Details on workshops

March 10, 2010

As we already announced, we’re organizing a set of workshops during the spring term 2010. This post summarizes the first workshop that was held last week and gave further organizational details. About 40 people participated while we presented — among other things — the order of the topics: JavaScript (10.3.) SQL Injection I (17.3.) SQL […]


sqrts @HARCTF

July 30, 2009

Since this blog gets more and more hits concerning common CTF information, we are switching to english 🙂 We will participate in HARCTF, which is a CTF contest organised by hcesperer and taking place at the Hacking At Random security conference. Since hc organised the da-op3n contests for the last years, we are looking forward […]


Common CTF information source

July 13, 2009

Since we missed some CTF contests in the past, we decided to host a common mailinglist for information about CTF contests. It would be great if team members of all CTF teams register to the list to create such a common source of CTF information. The list is at ctf[at], web-based registration is possible, too: […]