PoliCTF Write-Up: bin-pwn 400

November 19, 2012

For this challenge, we were supposed to connect via SSH to a server hosted by the organizers. When connected, we were greated with the string “loS”, then a couple of dots (one new dot per second) and finally ghItlh pIqaD (a..y) As we all know, Google is a hackers greatest weapon, so let’s throw that […]


PoliCTF Write-Up Forensics 200

November 19, 2012

The challenge was given as BMP-File and had the description: The file is big 54+PixelArraySize. The description is hinting at the wikipedia entry for the BMP file format. Although the category was called “Forensics”, this seemed like a steganography challenge right from the start. We opened the file in StegSolve to get a first look. […]

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