Squareroots hacking the Himalaya

November 4, 2014

Himalaya, 24th of October 2014

We are in one of the world’s most targeted areas when it comes to cyber attacks:
Dharamsala, India, HQ of the Tibetan Exile Government is one of the main targets
of Chinese hackers.

Here, over 70 hackers from all over the world met for the hillhacks hacking
conference (hillhacks.in). One of the participating hackers was our member
floatec, who not only attended the event but also held a small lecture about CTF
Although we all know, that CTFs are not only a fun hobby, but also a good way to
motivate people to get in touch with topics of IT security, in India, these
kinds of competitions are mostly unknown.
So we needed to start from the very beginning: What are CTFs? How do they work?
What different types of CTFs exist and how can you organize your own one?

In the end, we showed and explained a bunch of useful tools for CTFs.
In only 60 minutes, we rushed through all the relevant topics.

But after all, the lecture was a success, as great parts of the audience were
really interested in the topic and planned to try out a CTF in the future.

A record of the talk will be made available in the near future by hasgeak from
Bangalore. We can just recommend you to visit the next hillhacks, which will
take place in May 2015.


floatec (r) gives a lecture about CTFs at hillhacks (photo © David Huang)

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