Troopers 2011 & PacketWars™

March 7, 2011

Since we scored second during last year’s PacketWars™ challenge on Troopers, we are invited to compete again.

Troopers is an IT-security conference which is hosted every year by the company ERNW GmbH at PMA in Heidelberg. During this conference, a so called PacketWars takes place. This kind of IT-security contests is fundamentally different from CTF contests which we are used to participate. The complete contest is subdivided into multiple so called battles. The single battles usually comprise black box analyses of systems which could also be found in the Internet or during penetration tests. Therefore we will spend quiet some time for prepartion to even improve our good second place from last year. The major goal during the competition is of course the defacement of this site 😉


See you there, troopers!


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