ruCTFe 2012 Write-Up: buster

November 25, 2012

Update: Thanks to ius from team Eindbazen I cleared up a small error in the blog post. Buster was a compiled java service, that used a sqlite backend to store the flags. The gameserver communicated with the server by sending serialized objects. To secure the communication, the server sends the authentication token in an encrypted form […]



November 8, 2009

… our first first place! Yesterday, we were able to score the first place at RuCTFE 2009! A detailed review will come! Big thanks go to the organizers, all participants and our greatest team in the world! 🙂 Thank you also very much for your congratulations!


RuCTFE capture the flag competition

November 6, 2009

Tomorrow, the first RuCTFE takes place. This capture the flag competition will be organized and implemented by the Russian team HackerDom of the Ural State University. In the past Hackerdom organized a few RuCTFs, but exclusively teams of Russian universities were allowed to attend to these CTF contests. This time it will be the first […]

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