forbiddenBits 2013 Write-Up: Old

March 21, 2013

This challenge’s target was a binary with just 512 byte total size, named “bin.bin” and could be identified as “x86 boot sector”. So our first thought was: maybe it’s bootable – and it is! After booting up a VM with this file as disk (for VirtualBox: mount on loop, then VBoxManage createrawvmdk) we were confronted […]


forbiddenBits 2013 Write-Up: Poir

March 21, 2013

The poir challenge was given as a binary file. It’s a “pcap-ng capture file – version 1.0”, so we opened it in wireshark to have a look at the data. It consists of about 10k pakets, mostly HTTP traffic, some SSDP searches. A closer look revealed: the HTTP pakets are request and responses on a […]


forbiddenBits 2013 WriteUp: ment0rpwnage

March 21, 2013

Write up: Ment0rPwnage Part 1 TLDR: Downloading the wallpaper reveals hidden PHP-code which allows to inject SQL-statements. This enables guessing username and password char by char for the login-area found in the robots.txt Ok this challenge was a fun one, it combined a lot of different aspects of IT-sec. First things first: When starting the […]


forbiddenBits 2013 Write-Up: NaziWar

March 20, 2013

TLDR: Password is derived from username. Password collision for characters above 7-bit ASCII, i.e. we can easily find two usernames with the same password and there is a pattern in that. I liked the service quite much and almost punched myself when I realized I had been looking at the solution for hours but failed […]

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