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March 10, 2010

As we already announced, we’re organizing a set of workshops during the spring term 2010. This post summarizes the first workshop that was held last week and gave further organizational details. About 40 people participated while we presented — among other things — the order of the topics:

  • JavaScript (10.3.)
  • SQL Injection I (17.3.)
  • SQL Injection II (24.3.)
  • File Inclusion/Code Execution (14.4.)
  • Regex (21.4.)
  • Scripting Languages & Automation (28.4.)
  • Network Security (5.5.)
  • Review of old CTF services

And of course, there will be the infamous final CTF contest for the best attendees who survived the workshops 😉 To attend the workshops, the most important thing is to subscribe to the workshop mailing list. If you did not participate in the first workshop: Feel free to be chatty on the workshop mailinglist, the list is intended to be your communication platform for workshop related problems and questions. Additionally, don’t get frustrated to quickly. The challanges are design to, well, challenge your endurance and will to find out the hidden secrets even if it gets uncomfortable 😉 All slides and stuff will be made available on the workshops server — get access to it subscribing to the workshop mailing list 😉

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